SBI Associate clerk GK Questions 21 February 2015 Evening Shift

By | 21st December 2015

SBI Associate clerk 21 February 2015 Asked Questions {Evening Shift – GK, Computer, Marketing Aptitude} – Students may check out asked GK question after 5 PM & can download the same in PDF also.

SBI was conducted associate clerk exam on 21 February 2015 in morning shift. Candidates are searching for asked GK questions in evening shift. Candidates who have examination in evening shift will search these questions. These asked questions will give a brief idea about question pattern & syllabus in computer, GK & marketing section. Students can download these questions in PDF also. This examination was conducted for clerk post in associate bank of SBI.We will publish asked examination questions for all subjects. In this examination main five subjects were included i.e. Computer, Reasoning, GK, Marketing aptitude, English & Aptitude.

SBI Associate Clerk Asked GK Questions (21-02-2015, Evening Shift)-

  • IMF is located in ? (washington dc)
  • Thawar chand gehlot belongs to which state? (MP)
  • Rouble is the currency of? (Russia)
  • Jaswant Singh Rajput who died recently belongs to which sport? (Hockey)
  • Among the folowing which was not determined by the rbi?
  • Yuan is the currency of? (china)
  • Kolleru lake is located in ? (Andhra Pradesh)
  • World bank is located in? (washington dc)
  • India’s largest solar power plant was for going to setup in which state?(mp)
  • The system used to transfer information from one bank to another internaitionally(swift)
  • Phillip huges australian who died recently after been hit by a ball.who was the bowler delivered that bouncer? (Sean Abbott)
  • Recent scheme which entered the guniess book is ?(PMJDY)
  • largest nuclear power sattion was located in which state?(Tarapur atomic Power station)
  • Recent russia-india-china meeting was held where? (beijing china)
  • Among the following which was the book written by R.K.laxman ? (The hotel of riviera)
  • RTGS full form ? (real time gross settelment)
  • capital of ireland ?(dublin)
  • according to 2011 census which metroplitan city was most populated ? (mumbai)
  • Temple city of india (Bhubaneswar)
  • 2014 noble award winner for literature ? (Patrick Modiano)
  • Austrailian mixed doubles winners (martina hings and leonard paes)
  • According to regulation act 1949 rbi was not allowed to do what?
  • 2018 hockey was to be held at? (india)
  • The code present on the cheques? (micr)
  • Central bank of india? (rbi)
  • Hari shankar brahma was appointed as? (cheif election officer)
  • mrinalini mukharjee belongs to which feild ? (sculpture and artist)
  • Recent scheme launched by GOI to improve the roads of the village ?
  • Largest uranium mines located in ? (Kazakhstan)
  • Export credits was protected by which instituoin ? (ECGC)
  • Agni-5 missile strike range ? (5000)
  • India’s long range cruise super sonic missile was named after ? (Nirbhay)

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